Toyota does not charge individuals seeking employment any fees, whether for registration, application, administration or placement.

The Toyota Way

With its emergence as a diversified, international corporate leader, Toyota has an established set of values, beliefs, principles and business methods that act as the lifeblood of the company; we call them The Toyota Way. The Toyota Way is supported by two main pillars: Respect for people and Continuous Improvement. Together, they define how the people of Toyota treat others and how they perform their work in order to deliver the company’s values to customers, shareholders, associates, business partners, and the global community. 

‘Respect for People’ - Key Principles:

• Respect – we make every effort to understand each other, take responsibility and build mutual trust

• Teamwork – we stimulate personal and professional growth, share development opportunities, and maximise individual and team performance.

‘Continuous Improvement’ - Key Principles:

• Challenge –long-term vision, meet challenges with courage and creativity to realise the dream

• Kaizen – improve business operations continuously , always drive innovation and evolution

• Genchi genbutsu – go to the source to find the facts, make correct decisions, build consensus, and achieve goals at best speed.

The Toyota Way is an ideal, a standard, and a guiding beacon for the people of the global Toyota organisation. It expresses the values shared by all, transcending language and nationality, and finding application in every land and society. Every Toyota associate throughout the world is urged to take professional and personal responsibility for advancing the understanding and acceptance of The Toyota Way.